• Excellent marginal fit and internal adaptation
  • Fully open, stl-based system
  • Exceptional durability and strength
  • Material-saving design process
  • USER FRIENDLY, simple to use
  • CLOUD BASED, IOT integration remotely monitored
  • Automatic process modeling
  • Suitable for every modeling: crown, bridge,
  • veneers, pediatric crown, inlay, onlay
  • Makes 170 CROWNS with 1 kg of material
  • Fast generation process

Arrow 3D laser metal printer LMP100

Най-продаваният 3D принтер за метал в България – Arrow LMP 100

Какво представлява 3D принтера за метал (хром-кобалт, титан и други) и как работи?

Принципът на работа е доста прост и лесен за разбиране. 3D модел, например на мост или корона се моделира в желания дизайн и след това се подготвя от специален софтуер на множество слоеве.

С вграден лазер с ниска мощност машината разтопява метален прах в желани 2D форми. Чрез добавяне на следващ и следващ слой метален прах и последователно лазерно топене в желаната форма, той постепенно добавя още слоеве, докато целият 3D обект бъде отпечатан в пълен размер. Машина е специално създадена за производство на зъбни протетични възстановявания, поради което диаметърът на лазерната фокусна точка е от 20 до 50 µm (възможна е индивидуална настройка по желание на клиента). Короните, мостовете и подвижните протези са изработени от висококачествен метален прах кобалт-хром или титан. На една билдинг платформа в един цикъл можете да отпечатате до 70-80 броя корони. Разбира се точния брой зависи от големината на обектите.

Arrow 3D laser metal printer LMP200

LMP-200, a 3D laser printer for all printable metal materials is indispensable everywhere, where you need elaborate forms, complex designs and structures, unique products or small series of metal parts. Designed specifically for prosthetic use – both for dental and orthopaedics. Robust and modularly composed of standard industrial components. Designed to fit it in any lab, enter through each door and drive with a conventional elevator.

Imes Icore Metal Printer CORiTEC® AM100

Повече информация вижте тук

Complex CoCr dental constructions can be simply produced
Up to 250 dental units per machining process
Up to 500 machining operations per day
Rapid Prototyping
Small series and customised production
Construction of complex designs
Decentralised manufacturing
Reduction of physical inventory
The most modern production technology

Fast and cost-effective Production
Fast production of dental restorations with a modern and cost-effective production technology
Perfect, individual production of CoCr units
Low manufacturing costs due to massive material savings in additive manufacturing;
Low production times with up to 200 units on a manufacturing platform in one process
Possibility of the most complex dental constructions
E.g. highly complex frameworks like superstructures, model casting, primary / secondary parts, crowns & bridges
All-in-One Module
Additive build-up of e.g. implant-supported restorations with direct interface via the hybrid CAM system for re-milling using CORiTEC milling systems in the hybrid process
Focus on productivity and results
— Optimally matched for the
CoCr dental alloy powder for manufacturing dental prostheses using the laser melting process
Excellent processing/flow properties and high surface quality. Main particle size distribution in the range of 10 – 30 μm. Type 5 alloy
according to DIN EN ISO22674. CTE value 14.5 (20 – 500°C), perfect basis for a variety of veneering ceramics.

Advanced Chairside Solution Imes Core CORiTEC® One+

Advanced Chairside Solution CORiTEC® one+ HIGHLIGHTS
An open system which can be integrated in all intraoral scanners
Optimized for the integrated CAD/CAM workflow with exocad
Half-open blank holder “C-Clamp” (optional)
Quick- Clamping-System
Self-sufficient operation without external compressed air
High precision due to integrated temperature compensation
Machining for all common material blocks and prefabricated abutments
No external PC required
Automated cleaning function

Material magazine
1-6 blocks / 1-6 pre-milled abutments /
1 Disc

Ergonomic handling
Simple 10’1″ touchscreen operation and integrated PC

Independent operation
Possible without external compressed air

Powerful processing
High end spindle for milling and grinding work up to 100.000 rpm

Сеялка за метален прах Arrow Vibro sieve

Vibratory sieve

This sieve rounds up our additive technology product range and significantly helps to reduce waste since most of the powder (95%) can be recycled. It’s also one of the greatest money
The maximum mass of sieve stack is 5 kg, we recommend sieving after each printing.

Метален прах Scheftner Starbond Easy Powder 30

Starbond Easy Powder 30

The user benefits from the same outstanding characteristics of our Starbond Easy dental alloy and can thus work in a proven system. Positive processing properties and the alloy components ensures maximum flexibility in ceramic selection and also guarantees excellent veneering.

Grain size of the alloy powder: +10/-30µm
Suitable for processing in the systems:
LASERTEC 12 SLM*, Arrow Metal Printer*, EOS M 100*, MLab cusing*, M1 cusing*, Mysint 100*, Mysint100 RM*, Mysint 100 Dual*, TruPrint 1000*


Метален прах Adorbond CC Plus powder 10-30µm Germany


Bottle á 5 kg

Dental Modeling castingCobalt-based alloy

Grain size: 10/30 µm

Also suitable as a burn-on alloy

Shining AccuFab L4D Dental 3D Printer

Lit Up For Dentistry

The AccuFab-L4D’s high fidelity of print result brings extraordinary digital dentistry workflow from intraoral scanning to rapid 3D printing

Connecting the Future

Link Aoralscan with AccuFab
Shining 3D intraoral scanner, 3D printer and dental material ecosystem provides exceptional experience in digital dentistry.

Life-time free upgrade model creator software that comes with AccuFab-L4D

Dental Cloud
SHINING 3D’s cloud data platform enables data transmission, making it convenient for data transfer and communication between clinics and dental labs.

Фотополимеризационна пещ за 3D принтери FabCure 2

Fabulous Curing

· High Power Multi-surface Light Curing
· Rapid Chamber Heating
· Customized Curing Parameter
· Larger Curing Volume
· Smart Material Library
· Easy Operation with OLED Screen

FabCure 2 is recommended as the standard post-curing tool for 3D printers from Shining3D. With FabCure 2, each resin cure profile is finely
tuned to bring the part to its peak performance through precise heat and light. FabCure 2 precisely defines the post-processing steps of the printed
object to ensure high precision and optimal material performance, while automating the process.

Билдинг платформа за принтер Shining AccuFab-L4D/L4K

A spare Build Platform can speed up your workflow, whether you’re changing resins or starting a new print while you remove your part.

For use with AccuFab-L4D, AccuFab-L4K.

Резервоар за смола за принтер Shining

The Resin Tank is durable and solid, the metal frame provides strength and longer life-time. It comes with a reusable lid, make it easy to stack and store resin. For use with AccuFab-L4D, AccuFab-L4K.

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