Arrow 3D laser metal printer LMP100

The operation principle is quite simple and easy to understand. A 3D model (of a bridge or crown, for example) is scanned and then prepared by special software into many layers, or
With a low-power built-in laser, the machine melts the metal powder into desired 2D shapes. By adding the next layer of metal powder and consecutive laser melting into the desired shape, it gradually adds more layers until the whole 3D object is printed. Our machine is specifically built for producing dental prosthetic restorations, therefor the diameter of the laser focal point under 50 µm. Crowns, bridges and removable prosthesis are made of high-quality cobalt-chromium metal powder. On one building plate in one cycle you can print up to 100 units (crowns). It’s possible to use gold, copper, and tool-steel powders, so the machine can also be used in the jewellery production and industry in general.

Arrow 3D laser metal printer LMP200

LMP-200, a 3D laser printer for all printable metal materials is indispensable everywhere, where you need elaborate forms, complex designs and structures, unique products or small series of metal parts. Designed specifically for prosthetic use – both for dental and orthopaedics. Robust and modularly composed of standard industrial components. Designed to fit it in any lab, enter through each door and drive with a conventional elevator.

Imes Icore Metal Printer

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  • Excellent marginal fit and internal adaptation
  • Fully open, stl-based system
  • Exceptional durability and strength
  • Material-saving design process
  • USER FRIENDLY, simple to use
  • CLOUD BASED, IOT integration remotely monitored
  • Automatic process modeling
  • Suitable for every modeling: crown, bridge,
  • veneers, pediatric crown, inlay, onlay
  • Makes 170 CROWNS with 1 kg of material
  • Fast generation process