Фотополимеризационна пещ ProCure 2


ProCure 2

The most advanced post-curing system.

ProCure 2 is fast.
Fast enough to enable true chairside workflows with SprintRay 3D printing.
And thanks to its dedicated light engine, there’s no need to heat up and you can start straight away.

Welcome to Chairside.

Фотополимеризационна пещ за 3D принтери FabCure 2

Fabulous Curing

· High Power Multi-surface Light Curing
· Rapid Chamber Heating
· Customized Curing Parameter
· Larger Curing Volume
· Smart Material Library
· Easy Operation with OLED Screen

FabCure 2 is recommended as the standard post-curing tool for 3D printers from Shining3D. With FabCure 2, each resin cure profile is finely
tuned to bring the part to its peak performance through precise heat and light. FabCure 2 precisely defines the post-processing steps of the printed
object to ensure high precision and optimal material performance, while automating the process.

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