Панорамен рентген с CEPH


In addition to the features of the basic entry-level X-VIEW, this model is equipped with an arm for cephalometry and the CR 2430 sensor, a flat panel phosphor plate with image reader incorporated that makes it possible to obtain 24 x 30 cm high-definition cephalometric images in less than 2 seconds, using the exclusive single-shot technology.

Single shot

While other machines use a scanning system with an exposure time of 15 seconds, X-View PANORAMICO 2D-CEPH, thanks to the exclusive Single Shot system, is able to significantly reduce exposure time without negatively affecting the quality of the image (taking a single shot in less than 2s). The single shot system prevents the complications deriving from movement for obtaining images by scanning.

Sensore CEPH

X-View PANORAMICO 2D-CEPH is equipped with a second sensor exclusively for cephalometry, thus avoiding possible accidents caused by the sensor falling when moving from one type of examination to another. The system adapts completely automatically to the function selected.

Панорамен рентген


The entry-level model of the X-VIEW family begins with the basic PANORAMICO 2D, an evolutionary machine with a compact, clean-cut design that fits easily into your workspace.

Panoramic 2D offers high-level technological development for the acquisition of 15 x 30 cm 2D panoramic images: CCD sensor to generate high-quality images, exposure time of 14.3s for panoramic images of children and 15s for adults, DC high-frequency generator and 0.5 mm focal spot.

2D Programs


  • Adult panoramic
  • Child panoramic
  • Bitewing
  • Sector panoramic
  • Paranasal sinuses
  • TMJ
  • Orthopanoramic
  • Reduced radiation panoramic



X-VIEW evolves and develops in response to your needs. Four different options allow you to gradually access the most advanced technology available on the market.

Кугел AC

The best of RiX-70 AC

Solid and ergonomic design

RiX-70 AC was designed for long durability and reliable service life. It’s mainly composed by three groups: the monoblock, the timer and the whole arm. The unit is characterized as very compact, made of high-grade materials, highly durable and excellent finish.

Easy interface with the operator

RiX-70 AC has an very simple to use control panel with dedicated function keys; each button is engraved with the appropriated symbol and assigned to a specific function.

0.7 mm Focal spot

With 0.7 mm focal spot, RiX-70 AC produces images of excellent quality even in the most difficult-to-reach oral cavity areas.

Automatic exposure time configuration

Once the exposure parameters have been selected, the exposure time will be automatically adjusted in a range between 0.06 and 2.0 seconds.

Easy to install and maintain

RiX-70 AC is a quite easy to install unit, with few replaceable parts, helps to lower operating costs by enhancing reliability and making service easier.

Wall mounted and Mobile stand versions

RiX-70 AC come in both wall mounted and mobile stand versions to conform to a variety of offices layouts, providing optimal and flexible installation alternatives. The wall mounted version does not require a large space, the unit total spread with a 80 cm support arm fully extended is 2.10 m.

Two different extension arms

Choose between 60 and 80 cm arm’s length and get the possibility of multiple applications.

Simple and friendly-user control panel to easily find and select the functions

All information is shown on the control panel in a very convenient way.

  • The patient morphology: adult or child.
  • Tooth type: to select the dental pieces to be exposed.
  • Image receptor: allows choosing from traditional film,  intraoral sensor or phosphor plates.

Modern and clean design to offer you:

  • Compact and lightweight tube head.
  • Hand switch provided with 3 mt coiled cord.
  • Sturdy and stable support arm makes the unit particularly solid, regarding the fixing system and the scissor arm movement.

Compatibility with any image receptor available in the market.

RiX-70 AC  intraoral X-ray unit was designed to give you the best results using the modern Trident digital images receptors: I-View, Intraoral Sensor and Reader, phosphor plate scanner.

Интраорален сензор


Here at Trident we have taken on board the best in CMOS technology, in order to integrate it into a machine with an ergonomic design able to adapt easily to the anatomy of the oral cavity. I-VIEW is an innovative, flexible, ultra-resistant sensor able to produce surprising images.


CMOS, Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor, is one of the logic families used in the manufacture of integrated circuits. An Active Pixel Sensor (APS) is a sensor able to detect light based on CMOS technology, which it is why it is better known as a CMOS Sensor.

Thanks to CMOS technology, it is possible to integrate a range of functions into a sensor chip, such as luminosity control, a contrast corrector or an analogue-digital converter.


  • Much lower electricity consumption
  • Economical (requires few external components)
  • Simultaneous reading of a higher number of pixels
  • The digital converter can be integrated into the chip itself
  • Little or no Blooming (“Smear”)
  • Greater reading flexibility (faster pre-view, video)
  • Pixels of different size and sensitivity can be combined


An effective digital imaging system must have a number of fundamental characteristics able to respond to the everyday needs of a dental clinic:

quick, accurate diagnosis, space-saving size, optimisation of work time, flexibility for the user, information safety

With this in mind, Trident has developed the I-VIEW CMOS intraoral sensor, a tool designed to optimise work time and results by allowing the doctor or dentist to make a quick, accurate diagnosis.


High-definition digital images

The efficacy of a diagnostic tool able to identify a patient’s condition or diseases s/he may have depends both on the experience of medical professionals and on the working tools used to support their knowledge. The I-VIEW intraoral sensor produces perfect, top-quality images with excellent resolution (20 lp/mm). Both accurate and fast, it offers the doctor or dentist an accurate picture of the teeth to be treated.

Software Deep View®

Deep View® is the specific software of the I-VIEW intraoral sensor developed exclusively for Trident with the guidance of a highly professional team. Deep View® is a dynamic, intuitive software that guides the user through its practical content by rapidly highlighting its essential functions. Deep View® can be used by several medical professionals at the same time, because the networking system has a capacity of up to 10 users at any given time.

The software is supplied on a CD / DVD ROM with the passwords for access.

Large active surface

The 1000 x 1500 pixel (20 x 30 mm) sensitive area of the I-VIEW intraoral sensor is surrounded by a row of photodiodes that monitor and control radiation; the fibre optic plate (FOP) guarantees a top-quality image, and at the same time helps to convert the incident X-rays emitted by protecting the electric conversion layer, thus extending the useful life of the sensor.

Two sizes

The I-VIEW intraoral sensor comes in two sizes:

  • Size 1, ideal for standard examinations, with a sensitive (active) area of 30 x 20 mm
  • Size 2, with a sensitive area of 33 x 25 mm, for tasks that require a larger active surface

The I-VIEW intraoral sensor captures images both horizontally and vertically, even in the most critical areas deep within the oral cavity.

Direct USB – computer connection

The I-VIEW intraoral sensor can be directly connected to a PC using a 2-metre USB cable compatible with a standard 2.0 USB port.

The sensor is used as a temporary device and is not connected to the mains power supply; power is provided directly through the computer.

The device also comes with the pertinent sensor command drivers compatible with the systems. Windows XP® SP3, Windows 7 (32/64 bit) SP1, Windows 8 (64 bit).

Sensor Holder

Designed for an optimal sensor placement. The holder helps you to produce better & safer results in less time with much less radiation exposure for patients.

  • Ergonomically designed for greatest patient comfort.
  • Securely holds sensor in place while give you the precision and control you need to obtain the right shot easily and effectively.
  • Available in two size,   size 1 and size 2, in bright and vivid colors for easy identification.
  • One ring, no changing between different rings for specific images.
  • Just by turning on the sensor holder, it is possible to use it in the upper and lower jaw.



  • I-VIEW becomes operative immediately.
  • It captures high-quality images in real time, making X-ray film a thing of the past.
  • It saves time, thanks to the high-speed data transmission and how easy it is to connect.
  • It makes dental records easier to manage and prolongs their useful life.
  • Images can be stored on a PC, saving both space and time.
  • East to install, handle and transport.

Functional, lasting design

The ergonomic design of the I-VIEW sensor makes it easy to position in the oral cavity. The rounded edges make it more comfortable for patients, and the extra-hard-wearing material protect it from impact and bites, thus increasing its useful life. The design makes disinfection quick and safe.


The device is designed both for the dental market and for radiology in general. It can be installed in specialised facilities such as hospitals and clinics. The practical USB connection makes it quick and easy to install, meaning it can be used in various working locations. I-VIEW comes into operation immediately and captures high-quality images in real time; the high-speed data transmission and quick, easy connection allow for a considerable amount of time and money to be saved, thus improving performance and productivity.

Regardless of where the device is installed, the main user must be a professional with the knowledge required to weigh up the risks and benefits associated with radiological imaging technologies.


The system, designed for taking intraoral X-rays, can be used on patients of all ages. The high sensitivity of the I-VIEW intraoral sensor significantly reduces radiation exposure time.

The I-VIEW intraoral sensor can be used for diagnosis in a variety of fields: Endodontics, Periodontology, repairing dental enamel (caries) and Implantology.

Physical characteristics

  • Rounded edges
  • Smooth, even surface
  • Highly flexible, hard-wearing cable

3D рентген с CEPH


The exclusive three-in-one system uses the most advanced, innovative technology available on the market.

Discover X-VIEW 3D-PANORAMICO–CEPH for obtaining panoramic, cephalometric and 3D images, all in one, and turn around your view of the world.

In addition to the features of the 3D PAN, this model is equipped with an arm for cephalometry and the CR 2430 sensor, a flat panel phosphor plate with image reader incorporated that allows makes it possible to obtain 24 x 30 cm high-definition cephalometric images in less than 2 seconds, using the exclusive single-shot technology.

Single shot

While other machines use a scanning system with an exposure time of 15 seconds, X-View PANORAMICO 3D-CEPH, thanks to the exclusive Single Shot system, is able to significantly reduce exposure time without negatively affecting the quality of the image (taking a single shot in less than 2s). The single shot system prevents the complications deriving from movement for obtaining images by scanning.

CEPH Sensor

X-View PANORAMICO 3D-CEPH is equipped with a second sensor exclusively for cephalometry, thus avoiding possible accidents caused by the sensor falling when moving from one type of examination to another.

The system adapts completely automatically to the function selected.

Скенер за фосфорни плаки



At Trident, we have made of ReadeR the smaller and intuitive scanner available in the market: we simplified the design gaining higher functionality. Connect Reader directly to your computer through USB connection and start scanning!!

Once you insert the plate into the slot, ReadeR automatically recognizes the plate’s size and starts working. Three LED lights will indicate the status of the process.

Reader has an inner power supply adaptor to work from 100 to 220 V.

With a clean and modern design, Reader does not need big spaces for installation. The whole system is wonderfully compact, measuring just 17 x 19 x 30 cms


ReadeR delivers highly precise digital images to any PC in less than 10 seconds: Only five seconds to scan and five seconds to clean the plates for a new image.


ReadeR is a cost-effective option for any practice. It perfectly fits with your traditional AC or DC X-Ray generator, providing high quality images.

Reader allows getting clear HD images repeatedly using the same plate, with no film processing extra cost: No chemicals, film processor or dark room needed.


Enjoy the best of Phosphor Plates

With a 100% active surface, rounded corners and cable-free usability,   the Trident phosphor plates are created for the comfort of your staff and patients.

Plates come with the exclusive double guard system: the hygienic sleeves offer an effective barrier against cross infection and the protective cover   helps to extend the plate’s useful life.

The Trident phosphor plates can be reused hundreds of times and are as easy to use as the conventional film.

The Trident phosphor plates are available in four sizes, ideal for all clinical uses:
Size 0 31 x 22 mm, 726 x 1024 pixel
Size 1 40 x 24 mm, 792 x 1321 pixel
Size 2 41 x 31 mm, 1024 x 1354 pixel
Size 3 54 x 27 mm, 891 x 1783 pixel

Phosphor plates – Advantages

Long lasting
Easy to position

Simple to use

Preparing the phosphor plates for using

1. Protect the PSP
Use the Trident protective cover.
The cover protects the phosphor plate from the harmful effects of light, dust and scratches that would result in a non-diagnostic image.
The constant use of the covers improves the phosphor plates’ durability and effectiveness.
The covers are available in four sizes and are reusable.

2. Protect your patients
Use the Trident hygienic sleeves.
Insert the protective cover with the phosphor plate into the hygienic sleeve. Close the sleeve and place it into the patient’s mouth at the desired position.
Using the sleeves prevents cross infection and offers safety and confidence to your patients.
The hygienic sleeves are available in four sizes and are single use.

Scan, erase and reuse, all in one easy step.

ReadeR allows you to save time and reduce space in your office:

• The whole process takes only ten seconds. Insert the PSP into the slot and while a sharp and clear image appears on the screen, simultaneously an auto-erase function cleans the plate for the next reading. In seconds, the plates are developed and cleaned for re-use, and digital images are ready for effective diagnosis.

• Physical files are not required to keep your patients records. Digital images are easily shared and preserved, being always available for review, archive or email.

Getting clear and lasting images has never been easier

READER and Deep View®
A unique combination

Deep View® allows DICOM3 network compatibility.

DeepView® is easy to integrate and makes the whole process from reading to storing images very quick and simple.

With user-friendly interface and functional image processing tools, Deep-View® makes the entire procedure even more dynamic and faster than ever.

Multitasking software

DeepView® by Trident is the most open and perceptive software that consents the acquisition and processing of HD images for reliable diagnostics.

DeepView® is a Multi-user software that can be accessed by multiple users, up to 10 simultaneous working points.

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