High Quality Core Components
Stable and reliable for a long time

Modules Of Design
Easy to assembly and

The Powder Feeding Structure
Accuracy of powder feeding,
replacement of different metal powders

Multi-scraper Adaptable
Rubber, hairbrush, high-speed steel, ceramic

Adjustable Parameters
Built-in parameters
adjustable according to needs

Open-source Parameters
The parameters available for editing and directly use for customer

Real-time monitoring
Real-time recording, output, self-diagnosis

Customer Service
Support the special service for customer

vitaldents.com mt170 04

Dental Crowns (CoCr01)

vitaldens.com mt170 05
Brackets (CoCr01)
Technical Parameter

Materials CoCr alloys, Ti and Titanium Alloys, Refractory Metals, Intermetallic Compounds, etc.

Build Size φ170mm×120mm (D×H)

Laser Type 500W Single/Dual Fiber Laser

Scanning System High-speed galvanometer

Beam Focus System  F-theta field lens

Beam Quality  M2<1.1

Beam Focus Diameter  40~80μm ( size adjustable )

Max Scanning Speed 7m/s

Layer Thickness 20~100μm ( Layer thickness adjustable)

Powder spreading  One-way variable speed powder spreading

Gas Protection  Ar/N2

Oxygen Content  ≤100ppm


15cm3/h (single laser, related to the shape, size, material and parameters of the part)

28cm3/h (dual laser, related to the shape, size, material and parameters of the part)

Host Dimension 1400mm×800mm×1600mm (W×D×H)

Installation Dimension 3200mm×2400mm×2180mm (W×D×H)

Power Supply AC220V

Power Consumption 7KW (single laser) ; 9KW ( dual laser)


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