Trident introduces the most advanced CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography – technology for the acquisition of volumetric images of the dental arch. The CBCT system opens the door to a wider range of professional options, offering support for carrying out operations in the fields of Implantology, General and Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontology, TMJ and Endodontics.

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The high quality of the three-dimensional images obtained using X-VIEW 3D-PANORAMICO is possible thanks to:

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The DC generator

A high-frequency (discontinuous) pulse generator that allows images to be acquired by rotating 230 degrees in just 15 seconds. This generator produces 20 emissions per second.

Dedicated software

Dedicated software offering a system able to reconstruct high-quality volumetric images in less than 10 seconds.

An efficient two-in-one solution

To obtain 13 x 30 cm 2D panoramic images, X-VIEW 3D-PANORAMICO uses the same sensor used to obtain 3D images.

8.5 x 8.5 volume images in just 10 seconds

A flat-panel CMOS sensor with an active area of 13 x 13 cm, resolution of 100 micron and the ability to capture 300 images/second, guaranteeing the acquisition of an image bank that can be used for the volumetric construction of an image with a FOV with a diameter of 8.5 cm x a height of 8.5 cm.

Multi-layer images

The high acquisition speed of this sensor makes it possible to create an image bank from which the software selects the sharpest shots and uses them to build up three panoramic images, with an interval of two millimetres in focus between them. This allows the user to obtain high-definition images in order to boost the accuracy of the diagnosis, thus avoiding further examinations in the event of problems with positioning the patient.

X-VIEW evolves and develops in response to your needs. Four different options allow you to gradually access the most advanced technology available on the market.


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