FabCure 2 is recommended as the standard post-curing tool for 3D printers from Shining 3D. With FabCure 2, each resin cure profile is finely tuned to bring the part to its peak performance through precise heat and light. FabCure 2 precisely defines the post-processing steps of the printed object to ensure high precision and optimal material performance, while automating the process.

High Power Multi-surface Light Curing

From the sides and bottom, 30 multi-directional LEDs emit powerful UV light that instantly penetrates deep into the surface of the part, completely curing the printed object within a few minutes. With a power of 70W, these LEDs provide a high power curing cycle, ensuring an efficient curing process.

Rapid Chamber Heating

The ceramic heating module is integrated with multiple temperature sensors. The chamber heats up quickly to 60 degrees, contributing to the enhancement of mechanical and flexural properties.The FabCure 2 heating system precisely controls ambient temperatures to 60 ℃.

Larger Curing Volume

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Curing volume up to Φ210mm and H180mm supports a wide range of dental appliances.

Customized Curing Parameter

FabCure 2 provides optimal curing parameters for Shining 3D resins, which can be updated via the wireless network. Customized curing parameter settings are supported.

Smart Material Library

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With the most up-to-date cloud-based smart material library, the FabCure 2 is always synchronized. The FabCure 2 is equipped with Wi-Fi which enables over-the-air updates to deploy the latest firmware and configurations. Your device learns from our process engineering experts all the time.

Easy Operation with OLED Screen

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The popular convenient control knob is integrated into an OLED screen enabling an interactive and convenient operation experience.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 290mm x 290mm x 367.5mm
Weight 10.5kg
Curing volume Φ210mm H180mm
Operating temperature 10~30°C
Max. Curing temperature 60°C
Light Source UV LED
Wavelength 385nm~405nm
LED Power 70W
Power AC 100-240V, 150W
Interface WI-FI

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