Scan Mode Handheld Rapid Scan
Scan Accuracy up to 0.1 mm
Volumetric Accuracy 0.3 mm / m (markers Alignment)
Scan Speed 30 fps; 1,500,000 points / s
Point Distance 0.2 mm – 2 mm
Single Scan Range 135 * 100 mm – 225 * 170 mm
Depth of Field ±100 mm
Working Distance 400 mm
Light Source LED
Texture Scan Yes (with Add-on: Color Pack)
Outdoor operation Set up the shelter or cover to avoid direct sunlight
Scanner Body Weight 1.13 kg (include the USB3.0 cable)
Supported OS Win7, Win8, Win10, 64bit
Recommended Configuration Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1060 AND higher; video memory: > 4g; processor: I7-8700, memory: 32g,
Required Configuration Graphics card: Quadro card P1000 and above or GTX660 and higher; processor: Intel(R) xeon E3-1230, Intel(R) I5-3470



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